Getting the best product in best time.

You could say that everything is running smoothly for us. Every day, at least 45 lorries and 50 containers worldwide travel with our goods on the roads and oceans. Our customers can count on each product being supplied to them in time, in sequence and not least in flawless quality. Because our logistics experts know their trade. Every year, they are responsible for around 18,000 TEU sea freight and 16,000 TEU land freight. Added to this, there are rail freight and intermodal transports with around 1,500 TEU per year. We reliably take care of the operational tasks and logistics strategy in the process.

Further services in the field of logistics:

  • Insurances for transport and storage as well as product liability
  • Distribution of surplus stock
  • Legal advice for customs and foreign trade law
  • Open items
  • Claims settlement
  • Load carrier management
  • Inventories

In concrete terms this means that concept, analysis and planning in this area belong to our greatest strengths. We don’t only manage the flow of goods and worldwide storage capacities, but also develop them on a consistent scale. We are able to do so with a global and wide network of more than 80 service providers that we can draw on as part of Wünsche Group. Together we work on solutions in the areas of inventory and warehouse management, surplus management, packaging and goods preparation, special transports, IT solutions, contract logistics, temperature-controlled transports and dangerous goods deliveries. Whatever solution you are looking for: we are bound to find it.

We make short routes out of longest distances.